Wealth Management

As a goal-focused advisory firm, our objectives are for you to take the least amount of risk necessary to get the returns you need to achieve your retirement goals, so you can enjoy the rest of your lives. The key with a retirement financial plan is to pick a path and put contingency plans in place so if something happens down the road, you know today what you are going to do in the future.

In the distribution phase of retirement, standard asset allocation isn’t enough. You need to be protected from what we call market “fatal fluctuations” because “losses hurt you more than gains help you”.

Our process: at our introductory meeting we spend approximately 2 ½ hours with you to identify your goals, values, concerns and challenges. As part of the discovery process, we assess your risk tolerance to market losses so as to construct a portfolio in which you can feel comfortable holding long term.

Development of Investment strategy: We examine your current portfolio holdings to identify the
embedded risk. We then develop an investment strategy to accomplish all of your goals, both needs and wants, within your risk parameters. We focus on income to meet your core expenses, and we solve for important risks that occur in retirement, such as inflation protection, long-term-care crisis, market and interest rate risk, liquidity risk and sequence risk. The sequence of returns in a portfolio has a large impact on whether or not your plan will be successful.

Execute strategy with ongoing maintenance, monitoring and reviews to make any changes that are necessary.

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