Tax & Estate Planning

Taxes impact every financial decision from buying a home, investing, taking retirement distributions and everything in between. Many advisors claim to provide encompassing services, but they really just know the basics of tax-efficient portfolios. They don’t consider other important factors, like how intricate tax and estate planning codes impact your net worth. Our clients consider us a "one stop shop" and enjoy the advantages of our resources and comprehensive services. On the other hand, we offer tax planning and tax preparation through our CPA firm. Our clients enjoy using these resources and our comprehensive services.

Taxes are closely related to estate planning, which can help you properly allocate your funds post-death, choose competent guardians and agents. Proper estate planning will allow your estate to pass to your beneficiaries and avoid unnecessary taxation. We also use our technical expertise and research to keep you updated on any tax and estate planning law changes.

We can provide tax and estate planning advice on the following topics:

  • Tax efficient investing
  • Maximizing individual tax deductions and credits
  • Depreciation
  • Small business tax planning
  • GSTT taxes
  • Estate planning advanced strategies like GRATs, QPRTs, and ILITs
  • Income tax planning and preparation

Keep in mind that we aren’t licensed attorneys and can’t draft legal documents. However, we can refer you to our network of ethical and knowledgeable estate planning attorneys should you need to create or update estate plan documents.

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